Welcome to the BMM-Lab

The Biomedical Manufacturing Lab (BMM-Lab) at the University of Michigan aims to advance biomedical manufacturing to enhance healthcare. It is headed by Dr. Yihao Zheng.


BMM-Lab focuses on three research themes:

T1: tissue mechanics and medical imaging

T2: modeling of manufacturing processes

T3: medical device and clinical manufacturing system

These three themes establish a synergistic framework, as shown in the above figure, to contribute fundamental knowledge in biomaterials and manufacturing and develop medical devices and clinical systems to tackle unmet clinical needs.

Biomedical manufacturing applies manufacturing science and technology for safety, quality, efficiency, and economy in healthcare service and research based on a hospital-factory analogy as illustrated in the figure on the right.  Biomedical manufacturing investigates the biological material (workpiece) property, guides medical device (machine tool) research and development, models surgical procedures (manufacturing processes), and establishes clinical manufacturing systems.  



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Featured Research

Blood clot machining for treating stroke:

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